Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Baby Blanket and potatoes

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I woke early this morning (v unusual - I'm usually c**p in the morning) so sat up in bed and knitted 4 rows of the baby blanket which confused the hell out of FB and may account for why he's been tetchy all day - message to self, don't confuse the old man after he's had a late night - you'll pay for it later.

This baby blanket, I am confident, will be gorgeous but it definitely won't be done before we leave for Scotland and I have to be monogamous to the End to End Sweater from JOG to Land's End (or it definitely won't get done and there's some doubt as to whether it's going to get done already) but could knit some blanket on the way up to JOG (assuming I don't do all the driving). Can the boys cope with 2 projects in one camper van? Should I "save" myself for the End 2 End Sweater? Should I rest my hands for 2 days en route? Decisions, decisions.

G started work today - I know, poor lad's only just finished GCSE's and we've got him working - for a local farmer sorting/cleaning/picking potatoes (not quite sure which). He cycled over (good training) with his wellies and lunch in a backpack - yes, we are horribly mean parents! All good character building stuff and, just think, next time you have a pack of Walker's crisps, G may have sorted your potatoes (for that's where they are headed).

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