Monday, 7 June 2010

Busy Busy

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Internet/email access was miraculously restored at home about 5 hours ago. Whether or not this was anything to do with FB having a fairly major rant on the phone this morning, we don't know. We like to think that it was.

Whilst we've been off air a vast number of companies (c 83) seem to have decided that one or other of us needs huge discounts off Viagra. FB would like it to be known that he has no need for this particular medication, thank you very much.

The weekend consisted mainly of cycling (boys) and finishing things (me). We took a promotional pic of the boys in their gear:

FB and G (on left) went for a blast on Saturday and averaged 14.75 mph - FB was very happy, G thought it was OK!

Last week I finished my pink Bamboo Cotton top:

I was having a bit of a bad hair/no make-up day but I love the top (and the foxgloves in the background!). Pattern can be found here - from Debbie Bliss's spring/summer 2010 magazine. I did the smallest size (and was glad I did) and wasn't sure if it was going to go into the third ball of Bamboo Cotton or not. It didn't - but by, literally, about 3 metres. (I actually sewed it up with a different yarn and then had to shorten the straps by about 8 cables so would have had plenty left.)

I also knitted up a Paper Bag:

The pattern is now written up and is available free when you buy a ball of Paper. The bag knits from just one ball and we also sell the buttons to decorate it with! Remember - this yarn is washable - the perfect, washable paper bag! (OK - last time I make the paper bag joke, honest.)

FB was also busy dyeing a new colour in Cornish Organic. Called "Portheras" after our favourite beach, it was supposed to be a bright, zingy turquoise and fuchsia pink combo but came out more muted but equally lovely:

As Tracey said, suitable for both baby boys and girls! He's going to try the bright combo again, after he's finished a big order which came in this morning (and, of course, it's now raining so no drying in the warm sun).

Tonight I'm back to the Cornish Organic 4ply socks so hope that'll ensure the sun is out tomorrow but, judging by the forecast, don't bank on it and it's not my fault, OK?!

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