Tuesday, 15 June 2010

FB and Boating

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When I got home yesterday, FB had read the Blog and was surprised I hadn't made more of the boating trip on Saturday. I'd assumed he wanted to save his embarrassment but, apparently, not. So - I now have carte blance to give you the full breakdown of my husband's and youngest son's marine ineptitude on Saturday:

They got down to the water early so the little sailing boats weren't around. (FB nearly mowed down a girl on a laser last week when he got his throttle and forward/backward levers confused, but that's another story.)

Launched the boat. Tied it up and T waited in it whilst FB moved the car and trailer, clamped the trailer (morons knick trailers, apparently) and wandered back to the boat.

T (in the boat): "Dad, the boat seems to be getting lower in the water. Did you put the bung in?"

FB (now running) - back to the car, get the clamp off the trailer, reverse the trailer back to the boat (never easy!), boat out of water, wait 20 minutes for the water to drain out, put the bung in.

Re-launched the boat, re-parked the car, re-clamped the trailer.

Went fishing. Slightly lumpy and bumpy water. Big wave crashed in and dislodged the front window. Water in the cabin.

Decided to call it a day. Returned to harbour to discover that the tide had gone out (funny thing that, it happens every day but caught them completely unawares). Couldn't get the boat back to the launch ramp or the pontoon as the engine doesn't work unless upright (remember that saga).

Very nice diver in full dry suit walked them round to the pontoon. (I would probably have paid money to watch that.)

FB & T sat in the boat on the pontoon for 2.5 hours until the tide came up and they could get the boat out of the water.

Came home. Spent 2 hours at home repairing the front window.

Another successful boating day and, yes, more sunburn.

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