Saturday, 19 June 2010

End of Exam Parties

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G finished his final GCSE on Thursday - to the entire family's huge relief - what a stressful time they are for all. In order to celebrate that and his 17th birthday three weeks ago, we allowed a party. Actually, we didn't have much choice - he'd had one for his 16th that was such a success that everyone totally assumed we'd have another this year. Maybe we should hold disastrous parties and then the pressure would be off.

So - last night he and 16 of his closest friends gathered in a field half a mile away from our house (I can recommend this as the minimum distance parents should be from their offspring's parties once they reach the age of 16+). We put a tent up, built a bonfire, set up a barbecue, tables, chairs etc and left them too it. (Actually, that's not strictly true - we fed them all 2 burgers before we left them to it which we felt would, at least, soak up some of the alcohol which had mysteriously appeared in the field.)

On the whole they're a sensible bunch and had a great time and very little sleep. I, too, had very little sleep as I lay there waiting for either the front door to open or the phone to ring. Neither event happened so I should have just gone to sleep but, you know, neurotic mothers and all that.

This evening, we have a friend's joint 50th/18th party to go to (Mother and son). I am exhausted and grumpy. My sons have spent most of the day sleeping so are ready and raring to go. I've been in the shop and just want to go to bed - somehow, I've got this whole thing wrong!

I may have just shouted at G who got his new white trainers covered in cow poo and wants them clean and dry for tonight. I put them in the washing machine and, apparently, they are cleaner but won't dry in time and can they go in the tumble dryer? I said "No". He argued the point. I may have shouted at him a little bit about wearing some other d**m pair of shoes and it being his fault for getting cow s**t over them in the first place. Sorry G - Mum's a little weary - when you've stayed awake for your eldest's 17th birthday party, you'll understand.

But I still don't think you should put them in the tumble dryer.

PS: WD40 would be my first recommendation if you get tar on your clothes. Odd but it worked.

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  1. Oh poor Julia! I think they'll understand when they're a bit older :-) (but "yoof" has this thing that instant gratification takes too long!)

    Well done one finishing the dreaded GCSEs, though spare a thought for the folks marking them. I'm up to my ears in marking our finalists, and the first years. It is the part of my job I hate the most, perhaps even more than setting the papers in the first place!