Saturday, 5 June 2010

Computer Technology - yuk

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We have been without internet/email access at home since last Sunday - that's 6 days - and the situation is now beyond a joke and testing all our patience almost as much as the boat engine tested FB's.

The whole sequence has gone a bit like this:

Sunday - intermittent access - hope for the best.

Monday - no access - bank holiday - cycle to nearest pub and back - knit - keep fingers crossed.

Tuesday - FB spends an inordinate amount of time on phone to Bombay/Mumbai/Calcutta to be told, after extensive testing, that the problem is our router. Our router was not supplied by our internet provider (a kind of fruit/bright colour - just for the record) so the men in Bombay/Mumbai/Calcutta can't help us. Book computer into our local computer repair shop.

Wednesday - computer still at local shop.

Thursday - computer returns, needs a new screen (we knew this, but didn't know new screens cost almost as much as new computers). Still no internet access.

Friday - techy guy (Barry) from local shop comes to the house and speaks, on our behalf, to Bombay/Mumbai/Calcutta. I can recommend this course of action. Because Barry knows what he's talking about (unlike us) techy guy in India can't fob him off (as he does with us). After about 2 hours, conclusion is that it's the phone line that's the problem, not the router. India will phone BT.

Saturday - BT man appears in our neighbour's garden up a ladder, up a pole. FB shoots round to talk to him. He's there to mend our neighbour's phone/internet, not ours. It's more than his life/job's worth to talk to FB.

Will someone please give me the number of Oftel/Ofcom or whoever it is I can send a monumental complaint to.

Sunday (tomorrow) - will keep knitting, keep calm and carry on.

PS: Forgot to add - boys are both revising for Geography GCSE. GCSE revision notes contain a lot of comments along the lines of "look this up on the BBC's excellent revision guides online at www............". This is not helping the stress levels in our house. Do Often/Ofcom give compensation for GCSE stress?

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