Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Unrelated Observations

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T had to be at School at 7.00 this morning as he's off playing team building soldier style at HMS Raleigh. For some reason that I can't fathom, FB set the alarm for 5.30 - an hour and a half before departure (even for T) seems a little excessive. (Turns out I got the time wrong and he didn't need to be at school until 7.30 - first time ever he's been the first!) We're all feeling a little weary already but not as weary as we'll be tomorrow when T is off to the Athletics finals in Bedford and has to leave school at 4am. Yes, you did read that right - 4am. Getting back home at c11.30pm. Bedford is a very, very long way from Penzance. Not sure how good his jumping will be after that hideous start! And not sure he'll be in school on Thursday.

FB is in full John O'Groats to Land's End route planning mode. We have maps, atlases and Google maps all over the office. Route is looking good so far - averaging 81 miles per day - yikes! Tina is hoping to get the jumper pattern to me tomorrow so I can start panicking then.

In the meantime I am in training with the second Cornish Organic sock nearly finished and a Samba summer top on the go in the shop - really pretty - am really liking it and hoping it'll be finished in time for our trip although, as we leave in just over 2 weeks, can't help thinking that's unlikely.

I'm also doing a little bit of work for a new knitting magazine coming out in September - very exciting and a little bit hush hush - watch this space.

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