Thursday, 3 June 2010

Knitting a Paper Bag

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The boys have finally, finally, finally got the new engine of the new boat working. This has been an epic (and I may say, expensive) struggle but they finally worked out that there's an anti-tilt device so, unless the engine is totally upright, it won't start. This may sound like pointing out the flaming obvious (trust me, I did) but, actually, with the boat on the trailer the engine won't go absolutely upright unless you dig a small hole in the drive into which the engine will sit. Yes, you've got it - we now have a small hole in our drive (fortunately only gravel in the first place and not tarmac - that might have caused some hysteria on my part) and, guess what, the *@£$% thing now works!!

So, last night they went our for "half an hour" with the boat mechanic - left at 6pm - returned home at 9pm. I'm guessing that's the boating equivalent of "I've only got one more row to knit and this sweater's done".

During their "half hour" I did actually finish my little summer strappy top so every cloud has a silver lining. It's on a mannequin in the shop at the moment (downside of owning a wool shop - garments have to go out for public display before they are worn) but photos will follow this weekend.

Today I have been mostly knitting a paper bag. Tracey and I have been playing with ideas and needle sizes and it's now progressing. If it works, the pattern will be available free with every ball of "Paper" yarn so you can all knit your very own paper bag - no, I still haven't tired of that line - sorry.

Incidentally, if anyone's coming down to Penzance in the next few days, we've bagged up some yarn and patterns and they're on offer at 25% off - mostly summer tops, wraps, shrugs etc. Come and grab a bargain! Sorry we can't offer these kits online but the technology won't allow it!

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