Monday, 28 June 2010

Mazey Day

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Saturday was Mazey Day in Penzance - the finale of the Golowan festival. Once again the sun shone fiercely, the streets were packed and I sat outside the shop with my knitting on the go. Penzance is lucky enough to have 2 samba bands and one of them paraded right past the shop, preceded by a rather scary man:

The band was brilliant though and got the whole street bopping along:

For some reason that I can't fathom, I'm looking particularly grumpy in this picture - I wasn't - honest:

Yesterday the boys got in a 66 mile training ride (vv hot but roads quite quiet thanks to the football - shall I mention the football - hmmmm) and I got in some training by knitting in the garden. Baby blanket swatch is finished and the "real thing" has been cast on - 199 sts of 4 ply. I'm on a role.

The bike ride/knit is coming perilously close - we leave a week on Friday - yikes!

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