Wednesday, 16 June 2010

RIP Jack

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Sad news - Jack the baby jackdaw passed away in the night. We have no idea why - he was quite cheery yesterday evening and sat happily on T's arm and then, this morning, he had - quite literally - fallen off his perch. Such are the mysteries of nature.

Also during the night, Deidre deposited a dead rat in the back porch.

So we had an interesting start to the day.

G and I then cycled into town together (G's going to join the "I'm going to ride my bike during the world cup" group on Facebook, by the way - he thought that was pretty cool) and, where they're re-surfacing the road in our village, I thought we'd passed a truck spraying a gentle stream of water onto the road. Looks like it was a gentle stream of water with tar in it though as I have specks of black, immovable stuff on my shorts and legs. Have googled "how to remove tar from clothing" and, apparently, covering it with lard is the answer.

Bizarre phone call of the day, "FB - am I right in thinking we have a pack of lard in the back of the fridge". You can imagine the stunned silence.

I'll let you know if it works.

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