Monday, 14 June 2010

Busy Weekend

Knitwits Yarns

The fishing expedition was not a huge success but the weather was amazing:

The Scillonian went out on her daily trip to the Scillies:

and I was very pleased to see the personal service provided by HM Coastguard, which hung around all morning to rescue my boys in case they got into trouble:

The net result of all of this was one mackerel - possibly the most expensive mackerel in the world?

Saturday afternoon saw the arrival of Jack into our lives. This is Jack:

Jack is an almost fledged jackdaw who fell out of his nest on Saturday afternoon and was recovered by G & T. He now thinks that T is his Mum and will sit on his hand quite happily. This morning we cleaned him out so I held him:

I am actually holding him looser than it may look! He is very sweet and now squawks when he wants food but, if I'm brutally honest, he does pong quite a bit. All being well, he'll be with us for a couple of weeks and will then fly off. When we put his cage outside, his Mum still comes to find him so we're hopeful it'll all work out OK.

Yesterday afternoon I knitted the Scottish flag (or Saltire as it's properly called - actually, if you want to be technical the white cross is called the Saltire but the name has now come to mean the entire flag). The flag is, obviously, part of the End to End Sweater so I was pleased to see the charting worked out fine:

and it actually goes rather well with my t-shirt! I have now started the "wool box" for the End to End trip - so far it contains 1 x skein COW in St Ives (blue), 1 x skein COW in Cream, 1 x pair 4mm needles (bamboo) and a Saltire chart. Not sure that's enough to make a sweater but, hey, it's a start.

PS: I guess I have to mention the football. I succeeded in not seeing a single ball kicked but I have seen "that" goal repeated ad nauseam all yesterday. To be honest, if I was getting paid c£75,000 per week to get a very small ball into really quite a large net and I played that badly, I'd expect to be sacked.

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