Thursday, 17 June 2010

Lard vs WD40

Knitwits Yarns

Not totally convinced that the lard worked - smeared it all over and then rubbed it a bit and then soaked the shorts in some all-singing, all-dancing stain removal stuff and then bunged them in the washing machine. Am waiting for the results on dry shorts when I get home this evening.

The other recommended solution was, bizarrely, WD40 - so I sprayed another area with that and that does appear (in the damp state this morning) to have worked better than lard. Slightly concerned it might have changed the colour of the material as well though. In which case I may have to spray the entire garment with WD40 so the it all ends up the same colour, minus the tar.

This saga could run and run.

Cycled down the farmer's lane this morning in order to avoid all road re-surfacing machinery. Very pretty, very quiet and very, very bumpy - but no tar to be seen - hoorah.

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