Thursday, 10 June 2010


Knitwits Yarns

Today was the French listening GCSE so we awoke to French radio emanating from T's computer to get him "in ze mood". I should have laid on croissants for breakfast but hadn't so he had oeufs instead (from our own poulets, of course).

This afternoon I've been charting out the Scottish flag - for the End to End Sweater, of course. I am glad it's not a complicated flag, like the American one or something - imagine - all those stars.

Late this afternoon I've been looking at rather lovely Swiss wool.

I'm feeling very multi-cultural and may need to go home and consume a glass of South African or Australian wine. Australia would bring in the southern hemisphere, wouldn't it?

I am slightly dreading the World Cup as I loathe football, but loved Come Dine With Me with the WAGS last night. An absolute classic - do try and catch it if you missed it. One of the WAGS was supposed to be serving a papaya salad but couldn't find a papaya so used cucumber instead and convinced the others that it was papaya. Comment of the night, "well, if anyone asks me what papaya tastes like, I'll say it tastes just like cucumber". Classic!!

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  1. Oh my... that show sounds like it has cringeworthiness factor 10! I really can't watch that sort of stuff.

    Bonne chance pour les garçons with the GSCEs, happy knitting for you. I have some exam scripts to mark today I think, to join in with the season's atmosphere.