Saturday, 12 June 2010

Knitting in Bed

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FB and T went off fishing at the crack of dawn this morning. Having been woken by them both (firstly by the radio at 6am and then the [loud] debate on the landing about fishing tackle, what to put in the waterproof bag and whether or not sun cream was required [it was, but wasn't used - 3rd lot of peeling this year on its way I feel]) I lay there debating a) whether to get up, b) try to go back to sleep, c) finish that sock.

Clearly c) won. I have previously extolled the pleasure to be had from knitting in bed and to knit in bed on a Saturday morning when the house is quiet and you really should be getting up gives extra joy. If you drink coffee or tea (which I don't - migraines) and have a willing partner who is prepared to make said drink and bring it to you in bed (and there's no danger of you spilling it) then your Saturday (or, indeed, Sunday) morning will be off to a joyous start. If they bring a warm croissant as well - deep joy. Chocolate filled croissant - double deep joy.

I finished the first Cornish Organic 4ply sock. I am very happy with it. It now needs a partner.

I am particularly fussy about checking and double checking Cornish Organic patterns so I was very, very good today and typed the pattern up. This means that sock number 2 will be knitted from the typed copy (which in turn will become the printed version) and I can, therefore, double check the pattern as I knit. Never let it be said that I don't go to great lengths to ensure the exactitude of Cornish Organic's patterns.

Tonight I start sock 2. Apparently, on TV there are to be a number of highly over-paid men running around in shorts kicking a ball of hot air between them. My plan is to avoid this spectacle at all costs.

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  1. Coffee in bed is nice, but a rare treat because of the peculiar circumstances in which mr beest and I find ourselves, as you know. I don't like crumbs in bed, so no croissants!

    If you're on facebook, you can always join the group "I'm going to ride me bike during the world cup"! I am in the group, and I shall cycle to a concert tonight. Some Beethoven is the perfect antidote to the footie.

    I may have said this before, but I love Cornish Organic for socks. They're nice and warm, and seem to hold up quite well despite the absence of nylon.