Saturday, 1 August 2009

Knitwits Yarns

We've had a pretty busy week here in the shop. Even Radio 2 has been talking about the atrocious weather in Cornwall and, trust me, it has been appalling. However, every cloud has a silver lining and we've been very busy here in the shop - meeting lots of people who are returning visitors, several people who've been on the site and several who've seen us on Ravelry - it's great to put faces to names.

You may remember me mentioning FB space dyeing Wool Britannia - well, it's now in the shop and on the site - here:

We've yet to name them so they're currently SD Light and SD Dark (which stands for Space Dyed Light and Dark) - hugely unimaginative, I know - any suggestions for places in the UK which you think of when looking at these colours? There'll be a skein (or 2) in the post for anyone who comes up with a really good name (or 2).

Tracey and I have also designed a pretty baby blanket in the light version. I'm still typing up the pattern but it should be available by the beginning of next week:

We've (well, actually, Tracey) also rattled up some squares in the new Adriafil yarns so you can see how they knit up. If you go to the Adriafil page, you can now see that some of the images show knitted squares - we do our best to help!

My men went fishing again today but the sea was so rough they got half way out and turned round and came straight back - FB's now at home defrosting something (and has just had a phone call from his Mother saying "where are you"? - he'd left her at the beach and forgotten to bring her home!!).

AND FB went and got my beads for The Beaded Gorgeousness. I've been incredibly, admirably restrained. I've left them on my desk, looked at them occasionally, worried about how heavy the shawl is going to be - but I haven't knitted a single one in. I now have one seam to sew up on TSTTITHOTWE and I have a dilemma - again. I have a feeling in my waters that I might crack tonight and have to knit a few beads in. It's Saturday night and I don't feel like sewing up a quite complicated seam (I need to get all the colours lining up). However, if I'm good and forgo my G&T for an hour I could get the seam sewn up and we could then photograph it tomorrow and I could then show it to you (assuming I like it after all this effort) and I'd then feel really good. But I know I'd also enjoy knitting a few beads in. Oh, what to do!

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