Thursday, 20 August 2009

Knitwits Yarns

Today is FB's and my 21st wedding anniversary - and they said it would never last!

We're both in maximum full-stressed mode today so I shall keep my observations short:

1. 21 years goes by damn fast.

2. 21 years ago we never dreamt we'd be running our own businesses from this beautiful part of Cornwall - let alone that they'd involve wool.

3. 21 years ago we hoped to spend some time travelling together. We've been incredibly lucky to have achieved that too - we've walked to Mount Everest, climbed Mount Kenya, travelled through China, climbed Ayers Rock and walked in the Grand Canyon. We've also take our boys on two unforgettable trips to East Africa where we've walked for days and slept under the stars and fished and swum on the reef. We are very, very lucky and we know that.

4. 21 years ago we had 100 guests at our wedding. Many of them are still our friends - we've all moved to different parts of the globe but our friendship remains - that's a very special thing.

5. 21 years ago we hoped we'd have children. The two we've had have exceeded all our expectations - they are bright, funny, confident (but without a trace of arrogance), fit, sporty and loving. They are, without doubt, our finest achievement.

6. 21 years ago tomorrow we went to Kenya for our honeymoon. Tomorrow we are going to Tiverton - hey, ho.

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