Tuesday, 4 August 2009

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Today I have spent my time unpacking boxes of Katia yarn from Spain and they are yummy, yummy, yummy. FB will endeavour to photograph them tomorrow for you. There are lots of colours in the really popular Aran weight - Azteca plus lots of new things to tempt you.

I've also been unpacking buttons so, if there was a particular button we were low on, go and check them out - here.

In knitting news, I knitted about 6 rows of the beaded gorgeousness last night, realised I'd started on the wrong row (and it's only a 4 row pattern for heaven's sake), unpicked 6 rows, knitted 2 and went to bed - went to bed slightly cross if I'm honest but cheered myself up by remembering that I had actually still ended up with the right number of stiches, despite picking back a lacy pattern so gave myself a pat on the back for that.

In answer to Tinebeest's query: we're having a Pirate Family Fun Day in Causewayhead on Saturday to raise money for our Christmas lights (which the Council don't help us with one little bit). Weather permitting (and in those 2 words do the whole day hang) we have a range of activities including a Tinkerbell dressing up competition for the children, treasure hunts with clues in the shop windows (haven't done my window yet, slapped wrist), free face painting for children, a fire show and the Penzamba Samba Band will be playing and parading up and down the street from mid-day. In addition, Bob McCreadie (from Pirate FM) will be in the street all day playing music and there are loads of typical fete type games like "Guess the Number of Jelly Beans In The Jar" - that sort of thing. G&T are manning the jelly bean stall and refuse point blank to dress up as Pirates so, as they both play for the Penzance Pirates Rugby Club they're going as Pirates Rugby players - major compromise!

So, what on earth has this got to do with my giant knitting needles? Well, for National Knit In Public Day last year I got the big needles out and a couple of friends came along and we sat and knitted and loads of people offered to give us money if we had a collection box. So we dashed down to the Oxfam shop on our street and got a collection box from them and raised over £40 in one day! - Oxfam were delighted, as you can imagine. So I figured we could do the same things again. The story is that the Pirate ship has been through a terrible storm and their barrels of food were washed overboard so a clever lady pirate (me!) has got two oars and started knitting with rope to knit a fishing net to try and catch supper. If the thought of watching me knit with the giant needles and rope (in some ridiculous pirate costume which I haven't invented yet) on Saturday appeals to you then I'll see you here!

They're all off to the gym tonight - aaaagh - peace!

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