Thursday, 27 August 2009

Knitwits Yarns

Whilst I was away at Fibrefest we had two deliveries in the shop which I can now update you on!

The first was from James Brett so we now have loads of:

Marble Chunky - here,

Baby Marble - here

Magi-Knit - here

Magi Knit with Wool - here

and Marble DK - here

We also had a delivery from Sirdar, so we have lots of:

Snuggly DK - here

I'm so glad I wasn't here to unpack that lot!

G took his French GCSE a year early and we heard today that he's got an A - I am a very proud Mummy and FB is a very proud Daddy. This time next year it'll be time for all the others - and it'll go by in a flash - gulp!

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