Friday, 7 August 2009

Knitwits Yarns

Tracey and I have just had the most bizarre afternoon when we sat for ages (me inputting on the site and she knitting and chatting) with no customers at all and then, at about 4 o'clock, the shop was packed with loads of lovely customers buying loads of lovely wool. It was completely manic for about half an hour and then went back to quiet again - at which point we tried to remember what we'd sold, updated the stock lists, put wool back on the shelves etc, etc - quite bizarre - perhaps they'd all come of the beach at the same time as it's a glorious day down here today.

Before the lovely hordes descended I managed to input all the new Katia yarns. As I mentioned before, we have lots of lovely new colours in Azteca - here:

Azteca multi-coloured Aran weight - how can you resist?

Then we have a new yarn, Astrakan here:

And another new yarn - Surprise - here:
which is a single twist, slubby yarn - really soft and some wonderful patterns to follow (bear with me on this one!).

Then we have Sugar - here:
which is a self-patterning baby 4-ply yarn in 50g balls. Now I have a confession to make about this yarn - when I was unpacking the boxes I thought to myself "why did I buy more self-patterning DK when we already stock James Brett DK?" I felt a bit of a twit and put it down to either a senior or menopausal moment. It was only when I was inputting the recommended needle size on the web-page that I suddenly thought "3.25 needles??" and then the penny dropped and I thought "that's why I bought it - it's 4ply - and no-one else does a self-patterning 4ply and that's a really good addition to the range and, thank God, I'm not going insane after all".

Finally, we have a really interesting yarn called Paillettes - here:

This is a "knitting in" yarn which you knit alongside your normal yarn to add a glittery, sparkly effect. It's particularly effective for edgings, collars, ribs and things such as scarves. I'm going to try and find the time (ha) to knit a ball up with a ball of Adriafil's Mohair - which, I think, will make a spectacular winter/Christmassy scarf. I reckon about a 4.5mm needle should do it - slightly loose but not ridiculously loose.

Tinebeest (of the comments) came to see us today which was lovely. We had a long chat and managed to match her up some Cornish Organic to finish off a really pretty sweater she had knitted and she also brought a most fantastic sock she'd just finished. Somehow I just can't get into knitting socks but this one really was a work of art.

Tomorrow is Pirates Fun Day in the street so I have to be in town by 8.00 - I'm not good in the mornings so this should be fun - FB (just back from Gloucestershire), G&T [who are appalling in the mornings] and me. Teddy is in the window in his pirate bandana and eye patch - comment of the day from passerby: "well, it's just an ordinary teddy wearing a pirate hat" - what did she think it was?!!!! Tracey had to go out to the back of the shop in case she wet herself.

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  1. Hi there, Julia! It was nice chatting to you again. You do say nice things about the sock, but credit really goes to Cookie A who designed the pattern (Vilai). I'm just knitting them (and tinking and swearing to make a sailor blush while I do, occasionally).

    Good thing I didn't hear that comment, either, I'd have to join Tracey!

    And give socks a go. They're fun and once you've had them on your feet there is no going back to ordinary socks.

    Cornish organic is wound into balls and ready to see some action. What a close match you found!