Saturday, 29 August 2009

Knitwits Yarns

I have to confess to a small hangover this morning. Last night was one of those nights which I knew would lead to a hangover but I really didn't care and - in an inevitable kind of way - it did. Under these circumstances (and I think I ought to add that I actually don't drink very much so mornings like this are pretty rare for me) I find really, really naughty food is a great cure. I started off in a very well meaning way this morning with a bowl of sultana bran but, as the day has gone on, things have rapidly deteriorated and I've just found a chocolate doughnut a real boon. There are also some chockie bikkies in the cupboard which might well have my name on them and FB has just put some roast tatties in the Aga which will definitely help.

I think tonight is going to consist of tonic water (without the gin) and some gentle garter stitch (details of which on Monday - I have to hide the garter stitch from the beaded gorgeousness in case it cries).

A few weeks ago when FB launched the space dyed Wool Britannia

I asked for suggestions for names for these two colours. Gemma Gray has suggested Sanna for the pale one and Rannoch for the dark. Sanna is a beautiful beach on the west coast of Scotland
and Rannoch is a moor in Scotland. The colours in the dark space dyed wool reminded Gemma of the beautiful heather colours on Rannoch Moor.

Two skeins will be winging their way to Gemma once she's decided whether she wants one of each or two of the same - decisions, decisions - sorry Gemma.

Make sure you're all sitting down before you read the next sentence.......

Tomorrow I am having a day off.

This is a rare and wonderful occurrence and I intend to enjoy it with no guilt and no hangover. We'll re-group on Monday. Have a happy Bank Holiday weekend.

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