Thursday, 13 August 2009

Knitwits Yarns

I'm back! Had a few crazy days when blogging just didn't get a look in but have had a vaguely "normal" day today, back in the shop and back serving customers which is what I enjoy. It's Fibrefest next weekend so FB is dyeing wool like crazy and drying it is a nightmare and then it comes down here to the shop for the girls to label up and then it goes back home waiting for the trip to Devon. FB left the dye house at midnight last night and was back in there at 7 this morning - all a little crazy.

Last weekend's Pirate Day in the street was great - the sun shone, the street was packed and everyone seemed to have a good time. I knitted - obviously - with giant needles.

That's me with a rather fetching Cap'n Jack Sparrow (who has now reverted to his alter-ego of Martin, the hairdresser from next door).

This is me being photographed by the local paper's photographer. To be honest, I've been so busy today I haven't seen if I made it to the paper or not.

This is our local MP - Andrew George - having a go - he's always a good sport (don't ever get him and FB on a dance floor together if you can avoid it - it'll be mayhem). Andrew was really concerned about dropping a stitch but I reckon they'll be pretty easy to pick up as he was reassured.

This is one of our local samba bands - Penzamba - going past. I love their music and usually get up and have a boogy but was rather hemmed in by large knitting needles!

Captain Benbow - the Pirates Rugby Club mascot - was on hand to support - he got dreadfully hot, poor chap! In the background you can see our local firemen plus engine who also came to support.

One of the local schools made this fabulous pirate ship which they let us borrow. Cap'n Sparrow (aka Martin the hairdresser) kindly posed for us.

And this is what I knitted. Sorry if I look like I'm pulling a face but it's actually really heavy!

This weekend we're planning to go camping in Devon. No, I haven't forgotten our last experience of camping (14 hours of horizontal rain for those of you who haven't read that entry), yes I'm prepared, yes I've bought the obligatory 110 bread rolls which 7 people will eat with ease, yes I'll remember to take more fruit cakes and yes we've packed loads of booze. It is absolutely guaranteed to rain so - be warned - if you want a dry weekend avoid Salcome because we're on our way. On the plus side, we have no eggs about to hatch so Mother-in-law (who just happens to live next door to us, thank the lord) has only got 22 chickens (of varying sizes), 3 cats, 2 fish and 1 guinea pig to look after - should be a breeze, don't you think?

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  1. What a wonderful Saturday you had!

    Hope the weather godess smiles kindly on you and your camping trip this time.

    Oh, and my little jumper is finished!!! I managed to get the knitting done before leaving Cornwall, it only needs a wash now before it is ready to wear. Erm and the weather will have to be colder. I really loved knitting with the Cornish Organic, I can see more of that good stuff finding its way into my stash...