Thursday, 6 August 2009

Knitwits Yarns

I've been flat out today what with one thing and another and have - finally - done my Pirate window - dressed Cornish Organic Wool teddy:

in a pirate bandana and eye patch! Obviously this is him without his pirate accessories but I'll get FB to photograph him in his current state when he gets back from his trip "up-country" (as they say in these parts).

FB has gone to Gloucestershire for the night to look at sheep and wool (worrying, I know - actually, it's really worrying when he can walk (or drive) past a flock of sheep and identify the breed). He's taken the camera but will be back in good time for Pirate day on Saturday.

G&T made a cannon for the window out of an old loo roll inner - I think they may have a future career with Blue Peter.

Because Thursday is Marie's day off I'm in here from the crack of dawn 'til late so FB made a huge shepherd's pie yesterday so I didn't have to cook - he really is a little gem sometimes - note the use of the word "sometimes".

Beaded Gorgeousness is proceeding slowly - no change there then.

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  1. I really like how the arrows at Penzance Railways Station include one that points to "up country". Never fails to make me giggle, but it is the most handy expression when you just want to say you're going out of Cornwall!

    Mr beest and I are planning on coming tomorrow, fingers crossed the buses work properly.