Sunday, 2 August 2009

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Ladies and Gentlemen - I give you The Slowest Tank Top In The History Of The World Ever!!

I did it! I was a very good girl and I sat down last night and sewed up that last seam and I sewed in all the little ends and then I had a lovely Gin & Tonic - and then I had a glass of wine - and then another glass and then the evening deteriorated to wine (and home made doughnuts) at our neighbours' and I got to bed at 1am this morning. I think that's the only way to end an epic knit.

Is nine months a record for finishing a tank top? I think it must be pretty close. I'm thinking we should start a new category in Ravelry (or somwhere similar - or possibly on this blog) for the slowest knits. Obviously we'd have to set some rules:

1. It has to be a continuous knit. You can start it at home and then take it to work and then take it back home again but you can't knit loads of other things in the meantime and just abandon the knit - you have to be semi-continuously working on it. That Kaffe Fassett coat you started 30 years ago and abandoned half way through the second front and it's been in the bottom of your wardrobe all this time doesn't count.

2. We may need some proof as the start date - in my case the start date was so long ago that I don't have the pattern book in stock any more and we've sold out of lime green (we could, of course, get some more if anyone wanted it).

3. You can't intentionally knit slow to be part of the club. In fact, your intention is to wear said item for Christmas/holiday/party. As the intended day approaches, you don't abandon hope but just switch to another deadline. My tank top was supposed to be for Christmas - now it's finished in perfect time for this autumn (or, indeed, the current inclement weather - perfect timing in fact).

I think this club could be a go-er.

Quick chick update - remember these babies?:

Our first batch of baby chicks.

Well, this is them this morning:

and, yes, that's me wearing a rather fetching tank top!

Beaded Gorgeousness - here I come!

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  1. Nice one! The club is a great idea, I am sure there are others in similar situations with their knits. I know of some very old UFOs on ravelry, but they had been abandoned for *decades* in between cast on and finish.

    Loving the chicks, too, btw!