Tuesday, 18 August 2009

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We went camping and I have almost recovered. We left late (obviously) so only just got there in time to put the tent up in daylight - top tip for camping (after many years of experience) always try to put your tent up in daylight and always put it up sober. Darkness and inebriated is always a total disaster - trust me.

We went to East Prawle

which is right at the bottom of Devon (so far south in fact that our mobile phone logged on to Orange France [when we could get a signal which wasn't often] and the radio was playing French radio programmes).

We tried to barbecue in the tent using the old tried and tested method but only succeeded in smoking ourselves out so Nick (FB's and my best man) bbq'd in the drizzle, bless him. By 11 I was shattered and the drunken, boring stories of old Army days combined with smut and innuendo were wearing thin on me (the only woman). The men retreated to another tent and I went to bed but first, obviously, I needed the loo. Could I find it? I could not! I wandered 'round the field getting wetter and wetter and couldn't work out why there was a hedge between me and the lights. Returned to the tent ranting along the lines of "all I want to do is find the *&%£$ loo - is it too much to ask? - I need a *&%£$ pee and I can't find the *&%£$ loo and I'm *&%£$ off and I want to cry". In the end I pee'd in the hedge.

In the morning the loo was perfectly visible and I'd been heading in completely the wrong direction.

We went to Salcombe:

which is very lovely and full of very lovely (expensive) shops and lots of yachting types - most of whom have probably never been on a yacht in their lives but like to wear all the correct gear. We blanched at the price of things and retreated to the nearest pub.

I managed some knitting (revenge for the boring smutty stories), didn't drink too much (unlike the men), didn't sleep very well (there was an "incident" in East Prawle on Saturday night which the police seemed to think necessitated their sirens going off at about midnight and then someone's car alarm went off intermittently all night) and came home absolutely shattered and having put on about half a stone. On the plus side it was great to catch up with old friends and we did a lot of laughing which, at the end of the day, is what it's all about.

I am trying to input more patterns but failing miserably due to Fibrefest pressure this week. The mountain of dyed wool waiting to be transported up to Devon is now reaching epic proportions so I do hope we'll see loads of you there and you'll come and introduce yourselves. One the one hand I'm hoping to do loads of knitting - on the other I'm hoping we'll be so busy I won't have time. See you there!

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