Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Christmas is Coming, the Turkey's Getting Fat

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As you can see, if you came here via the website, I have finally accepted that Christmas is coming and there's absolutely nothing I can do about it. I absolutely refuse to do anything for Christmas until December 1st but I was forced to do the shop window last Thursday night as the street lights were being turned on on Saturday and I was away. I have to say, I think the window is looking lovely (decorations c/o Ludgvan School) and I'll get FB to take some pics.

Each year in the street we ask local school to make decorations and hold a competition for the best ones. It's a great project and it's also a canny way of ensuring the parents visit Causewayhead at least once in the run up to the big day! (Although the first year I did get one very disappointed child in on about January 5th who'd missed her decoration in our shop as I'd taken them down by then - sometimes you just can't win.)

Our contribution to the window is the knitted turkey by Alan Dart, featured in a recent Simply Knitting magazine:

When I say "our" contribution, what I mean is that Tracey knitted the pieces and stuffed most of them and then it got fiddly and she ran out of patience and threw them all in a bag and gave them to me! I reckon we spent about an equal amount of time on him:

He is now sitting proudly in our window, complete with his party popper and hat and next to the Christmas pudding made by Ludgvan School. He enjoyed his photoshoot in the snow:

I hope you've all got your Advent Calendars ready for the morning.......

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