Sunday, 14 November 2010


Knitwits Yarns

Back from Exeter, exhausted but happy. We've just taken everything back to the shop and put some away and left the rest for Marie and Tracey in the morning (sorry girls) - I cannot tell you how much I hate and loathe that part of exhibitions.

We had a good night at the Travelodge, ate in Harry Ramsden's for supper and breakfast (think my jeans are feeling the strain today) and made it in to Exeter in really good time (how wonderful and unusual it is when things go to plan).

FB took a few pics:

(pity you can't see the detail on my t-shirt - Shaun and Sheep knitting with the caption "Bit of a Knit Wit" - amazingly, we didn't have them made specially - Tracey found them)

We met lots of lovely people and there were lots of stalls selling the most glorious hand painted, hand dyed, hand spun yarns - from cashmere and silk to pure wool - really amazing. Owning a wool shop and having a knitting list which will last me at least the next six months I resisted and didn't bring any more home to add to the stash, which FB was very grateful for. Our best seller was sari silk, which lots of people had heard of but not seen before.

FB was very sad to have missed this lady:

This is her tattoo:

The things people do for our art!! Not sure I'd go to that extreme (boy, that must have hurt) but I love the sentiment. Thanks to Belinda and Ruth for sharing the images and, indeed, for organising the whole event. It was very relaxed and friendly and very reasonably priced (although we only found out about the free tea and coffee today [good thing I don't drink either]) and, yes, we'll do it all again but just give me a week to recover.

We came home to a house in which we'd left two teenage boys for 24 hours. I will leave your imaginations to picture the scene. Before going, I'd set the dishwasher off and, needless to say, it hadn't been emptied (why would you bother when there's no-one to yell at you to take your dirty plates from the floor in front of the telly to the kitchen or, indeed, the dishwasher?) So, as we unpacked and downed a G&T a boy was tasked to unload said machine and re-load. I laughed so much when I opened the plate cupboard, FB took a picture:

Those of you who know us well can guess which boy would leave the plate cupboard looking like this and have no understanding at all as to why his mother was hysterical on the floor. It sums him up perfectly (and his teachers wonder why his homework is a tad haphazard).

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  1. Glad it went well in Exeter for you! I am still hoping the Rico Can Can comes in soon - or my slow skills will not complete the scarf for my Nan lol