Sunday, 21 November 2010


Knitwits Yarns

The sharp eyed amongst you will have noticed that, here at Knit Wits, we've dipped our toe into the stupendously coloured lake of Noro yarn. The extraordinary thing about Noro is the colours - but not just that - it's the way they're blended together and then how the blends run into each other. How they do it remains a mystery (and, indeed, a trade secret) but the results are astonishing. Before taking Noro I was lucky enough to be sent a box of samples to knit up (I know, one of the perks of the job). Look at the colours in this gorgeous little girl's cardi:

(Incidentally - if you decide to knit this little cardi from the Mini Knits book, the smallest size says you can get it out of one ball and you can't - can't by a very long way [like half a sleeve and all the edgings and collar long way] - be warned!)

I then knitted socks (from Kureyon Sock wool):

and they near as dammit match which pleased me no end. (We provide this free sock pattern with every ball of Kureyon Sock sold, by the way.)

Then I rattled up a couple of hats:

Just look at those colours and those combinations - simply glorious.

Yesterday, I uploaded a load of patterns from the four pattern books we have and gradually we'll increase our range. Personally I think that everyone needs at least one pair of Noro socks and one Noro hat in their wardrobe and then they can save up for that one fabulous Noro sweater or jacket! Yes, it's expensive but, boy oh boy, is it worth it and let's be honest you can always spot a knitter wearing Noro!

At the end of the photos FB had a five second mad moment:


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