Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Double Duvets

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Phew - well winter has blown into Cornwall overnight - which I know is relative for those of you who have snow at the moment (we have friends in Oxfordshire who constantly remind us that, as we have a banana plant in our garden, we don't really know what winter is) - but for us it's damned cold and T and I have officially declared tonight as a "double duvet" night. Once started, it's unlikely to end until about March.

T has the added element of a hole in his bedroom window. This was caused by a small inter-sibling altercation culminating in one boy throwing a can of deodorant at second boy and second boy ducking. They have to pay for the new window out of their pocket money so, inevitably, there has been a hole (and howling gale) through T's bedroom for over two years now.

As a result of the inclement weather, the shop was quieter than of late so, as promised, I inputted patterns like a loony pattern inputter. In order for our system to work I have to input the quantity in stock, various sub-categories (like, for example, if the pattern is for babies, children, women etc) then what the pattern's for (jumper, jacket, cardigan etc), then the picture, size details, needle sizes and, finally, number of balls per size. So - as you can see - it's not quick but it makes the site work well and you seem to like it - which is the key thing.

I started with Katia patterns - which are always good sellers. We have some new ones in the phenomenally popular Azteca:

and for little girls:

Lots of lovely Astrakan for babies:

and Sugar 4ply for babies as well:

There's also a lovely dress for girls in Surprise:

So having done whack of patterns in Katia (those are just a sample), I started on the James Brett. First the new Fusion - 4 patterns for ladies - here's a sample:

and then the new Woodlander DK:

and then the new Tints DK:

So - as you can see, I've been busy and there are new Baby Marble and Merry Go Round patterns coming tomorrow and 2 new patterns in Brushstrokes Chunky.

For now I have to put the cats out (far harder when the weather's cold - Deidre, in particular, is a cunning little swine and hides under the table - as Eric only has three legs, he's easier to catch) - in case you're wondering they do have the back passage (as we charmingly call it) to sleep in but if we leave them in the house Eric has a revolting habit of sh***ing in the kitchen and all the other local cats have a habit of coming in too. Hearing a cat fight underneath your bedroom in the dead of night is not something you want to wake up to, trust me.

After that, it's time to put a cover on duvet number 2 - I'll be warm and cosy tonight!


  1. Oh I know what you mean with the double duvet time. In the absence of my portable stove (aka mr beest), I've got out the woolen blanket and put that *under* the duvet. I prefer being snuggled up in natural wool. Speaking of which, here in the Netherlands the next big thing seems to be woolen duvets, made from the Texel sheep fleeces. I'm very tempted...

    As for T an the window: funny that the etymology of window is "wind eye". I am sure he would have figured that one out himself by now.

  2. Double duvet - we still have our 4.5 tog one on - but we have lit the fire a few times this week.