Monday, 8 November 2010

More New Yarns!

Knitwits Yarns

I have no idea where the days are going at the moment - apparently I last blogged 6 days ago but it feels like yesterday, so much has been going on.

If you check out the front page you'll see our new "Keep Calm and Carry on Knitting" range of accessories:

I think the idea was born about half way down the second, or possibly third, G&T one night and FB put his photoshopping skills to work and, voila, we had the artwork done. We have mugs, cards, posters and car stickers and I'm currently embroiled in a battle with the boys to get a sticker on our car. We currently have Cornwall Farmers and Help For Heroes and the like and they're not keen on a knitting sticker but then, as I point out, the car does have "Cornish Organic Wool" slapped down the sides of it, across the back and the bonnet so one little car sticker can't really lower the street cred much further than it already is. Don't worry, I'll have won the battle before the day is out. And, anyway, whose name appears on the ownership docs? Mine! Buy yours now and pass on the message!

We've got two new yarns on the site as well - Rustic Aran, which follows on from the popular Rustic DK range and is proving very popular in the shop - a nice range of colours:

There's also the new range of Fusion from James Brett. Fusion is a slightly textured, colour changing yarn with marl running through it too - very pretty. Patterns are to follow when I get a spare couple of hours (hoping that will be tomorrow):

We also had a new baby yarn in from Stylecraft - Merry Go Round - which is proving very popular already. Colours are lovely:

Baby patterns to follow.

Put like that, it doesn't seem like we've been up to much but we had a huge delivery in from Stylecraft last Monday (9 enormous sacks) and then James Brett on Thursday (4 enormous sacks). This means that we're currently very good on stock of all the yarns from these companies. We are also now stocking 2ply, 3ply and 4ply in Stylecraft's Wondersoft range so you know where to look when you're planning that 2ply baby blanket!

On the finished items front, the M-in-L and I sat down last weekend and worked out the lining for my Baba bag:

It was incredibly simple to make - just 2 balls of Baba, one for each side, then sewn together. Lining made slightly smaller and then handles which I sewed in between the lining and the knitting. Baba is an expensive wool (it is pure wool!) but, at just 2 balls, most of us can afford this lovely treat!

Yesterday I finished the most fantastic scarf - I absolutely love it - watch this space for photos. Now back to the sleeves of G's sweater! Talking of which, G took his driving theory test this morning and got 100%! Proud parents - well done, G! Tomorrow T has GCSE Maths - the stress is unbearable - good luck, T!

I'm going to get my knitting out, keep calm and carry on.

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