Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Double Duvet Part II

Knitwits Yarns

The first double duvet night was FANTASTIC!! The best night's sleep I've had for a long time. For the record, FB (like Mr Beest in the comments) is a very hot person so he has one half of the double duvet and I have a single on top as well - perfect. I am quite liking the idea of wool duvets as well - environmentally friendly, breathable, warm with you, cool with you - may have to check them out.

Inputted a few patterns today but not all I'm afraid - sorry - more tomorrow, if you're lucky.

This weekend we're at Knit Expo in Exeter. It's in the Corn Exchange from 10-4 so please come along and say hello. We don't do many exhibitions/markets as

a) most of them are a very, very long way from Penzance;
b) most of them cost a small fortune to get into;
c) most of them last a couple of days and, by the time you've added on accommodation, eating and transport it's simply not worth our while.

Exeter, on the other hand is:

a) only 2 hours drive;
b) remarkably cheap for a table (well done Belinda!);
and c) one night in a Travelodge at Exeter Airport is probably within budget!

We're going to have a whole mix of things there - all the Keep Calm and Carry on merchandise, sari silk, sock wool, Cornish Organic wool and all sort of other yummy goodies.

See you there!

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