Friday, 26 November 2010

K T Tunstall

Knitwits Yarns

Here at Cornish Organic Wool Towers life has been phenomenally busy over the past few weeks with a multitude of different orders for different clients - on Tuesday night I counted no less than 20kgs of glorious coloured wool drying in front of the Aga - purple, copper, green, black - the full rainbow. It means that getting to the Aga or, indeed, the fridge is a challenge but, hey, we all need to lose some weight before Christmas (FB's solution of getting fish and chips last night isn't really helping though).

One client, very excitingly, is KT Tunstall. Wool from these sheep:

farmed by the lovely James:

has been spun and blended with 25% alpaca in Scotland. It then comes back to us and is dyed by FB:

and then goes to Rachael on the Isle of Wight, who turns it into these:

Tiger hats for KT's Tiger Suit Tour!

If you would like to buy one you can get them here:

KT only wears organic clothing, apparently - which is a sentiment we totally endorse and it's been a really nice, straightforward project and her "people" are lovely and easy to deal with and it's great to see our wool being sold as the finished project.

Today FB has to put labels on a further 10kgs for another client - onward and upward!

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