Monday, 22 November 2010


Knitwits Yarns

For the past few weeks are Sunday walk schedule has been interrupted by a combination of work and weather. Yesterday, we broke our duck and headed off once more - one of those lovely, crisp chilly late autumn/early winter afternoons. We walked straight from the house and up the hill behind:

then on to Greenbarrow Mine:

where, bizarrely, someone had left a child's bike - littering, yes, strange, yes, but also rather strangely photogenic!:

We then headed across the moor to Men an Tol:

Men an Tol, literally, means "holed stone" and, despite being a popular and significant monument its exact purpose is unknown. There was a belief that a person with rickets would be cured by being passed through the hole and even the belief that going through the hole would increase fertility. There is, presumably, no proof for either of these theories but, in any event, I stood next to it rather than risking going through!:

I also managed a bit of yarn bombing but it was getting cold so I'm afraid I didn't leave the hat there but put it back on my head!:

We then headed around the Moor to Nine Maidens:

with FB getting a little arty en route:

then back down the hill to home:

One of those walks where hot tea, buttered crumpets and fruit cake would have been the perfect ending. Sadly, I don't drink tea and we had neither crumpets or fruit cake in the house so I satisfied myself by make a rather delicious spiced apple crumble instead (which, even if I say so myself, was blooming good).

Walks like that are really good to remind us why we live here.

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