Monday, 15 November 2010

Can Can

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OK - calm yourselves people. Just because I put "Can Can" in the title does not, I regret to say, mean the Can Can has arrived in stock. It's more a case of me trying to calm the situation and assure all of you who have pre-ordered Can Can that we haven't forgotten to contact you (as some rather stroppy phone calls are implying) and we haven't sold your yarn to someone else. In fact, the Can Can promised in early November has yet to arrive with us.

The rep was in the shop on Wednesday and explained that the order the company had placed with its manufacturer has only arrived in part (in fact, about half of it arrived) so the rest is anticipated shortly and we will definitely (he assures us) have it by the end of November, which is fine as it still gives us all enough time to knit up those scarves for Christmas.

So calm yourselves chaps, find something else to knit in the meantime and, rest assured, as soon as the delivery is in I, personally, will be sorting it and phoning you immediately. It's going to be chaos for us but we'll do it - we always do!

I can only guess at how much the Rico bosses are kicking themselves for not ordering five times the amount of their first order but, that's the way it goes and - let's face it - one never knows just how insanely manic one particular yarn is going to go. Five years ago it was Funky fur, now it's Can Can.

Wait and be patient - it'll be worth it!!

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  1. And the weirdest thing is I have no desire whatsoever to knit with it.

    But that luscious Cornish Organic of yours... now that's a different story...

    (yeah, I love my yarn to come from a sheep and be a little bit scratchy.)