Thursday, 2 December 2010

Let It Snow!

Knitwits Yarns

I think the best way to sum up today is through pictures.

Amazing how hard it is to get teenagers up on a school day but, when it's snowing, they're up at dawn:

Mmm - maybe I won't cycle to work today:

Getting the car up there is going to be interesting:

Our house - don't palm trees look amazing in the snow:

Mr Cocky has no fear - the girls inside are thinking, "sod that for a game of soldiers":

no post today:

beastly grandsons ensure Granny isn't going anywhere:

Heading down the lane to work:

the shop looking suitably festive (T uttered the immortal line, "Mum, you're wearing so much wool it's f*******g ridiculous"!!!!!:

OK, so we don't have skis or a snowboard so what can we use:

("snowboard" in G's hands is actually a skateboard with its wheels taken off - works well - just so you know) [boat is good once the snow has been flattened]

Amazingly, we actually had a really busy day in the shop because .................... WE HAD A DELIVERY OF CAN CAN!! .......... ooh, yes we did. No multi colours are available as they were all pre-reserved but we do have some plain colours left. Call the shop on (01736) 367069 to order. I haven't put them on the site yet as there's no way we'll keep the stock levels up to date. I'm pretty sure it'll all be gone by Saturday so order fast!

Forecast is for more freezing and more snow - happy boys!

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