Friday, 10 December 2010

Precious Little Blogging

Knitwits Yarns

Precious little blogging has been going on of late, due almost entirely to the fact that we're so busy - for which we thank you all most gratefully. When it goes well, this is a great job - we supply you with yarn, which makes you all very happy, you supply us with money whilst buying your yarn which means that we can a) pay bills and b) buy more yarn. This keeps us in business and, therefore, makes us very happy. It's a win, win and you get to knit with lovely yarn, which is a third win - perfection!

Despite the fact that Christmas is approaching faster than I can quite handle, we still have some new yarns arriving to tempt you. Latest in this week is a new slightly sparkly yarn - perfect for Christmas hats and scarves - go on - you know you want a sparkly hat for New Year! Six shades:

including the slightly unusual blue, green and mauve. There are a couple of patterns:

but, as it's a standard DK, you could knit it to all your favourite ones.

I have one more item to knit for Christmas (should be done tonight), stocking filler pressie shopping to do tomorrow and my first Christmas dinner of the year on Sunday evening. I always say this Christmas deadline thing is ridiculous but, whatever one says, it's rapidly approaching and it ain't going to wait for anything.

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