Thursday, 23 December 2010

Prague - aka Bath

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Well, the good news is that I got the 2+ hours knitting in the car and 3+ hours knitting in the airport. The bad news is that I got 0 knitting on the plane as the plane didn't go. The good news was that we'd had prior warning that the plane might not go - announcements along the lines of, "we regret to announce that Bristol Airport is closed for snow clearing operations" kind of gave the game away, so we had plan B in mind. This was good because, at about the same time as the announcement, "Easy Jet regret to announce the cancellation of Flight 24856 to Prague" [not the right number but you get the gist] FB heard on the radio that the M5 and A30 were closed so, even if Plan B had been to go home, we wouldn't have been able to. Plan B, in fact, involved going to Bath for 2 nights. We booked a hotel on the airport computer (£3 for half an our of very slow connection) which was complicated slightly by the credit card company initially declining the transaction because I'd been really efficient and told them we would be in Prague. Finally, we left the airport:

(I'd like you to note at this point that I got to haul the luggage whilst FB did his David Bailey impersonation). This was the journey to Bath:

Bath was beautiful and snowy and cold:

and with wonderful Christmas lights:

This sign intrigued me:

On the second day I decreed the need for some culture so we went to The Roman Baths. Certain members of the party (basically, all the men) weren't thrilled with this idea but, after the event, agreed it had been fascinating and well worth it. As the water in the Baths is warm (35 degrees) and the air outside was damned cold, old David Bailey was in his element:

Boys are v pleased to see they are now noticeably taller than their midget mother!

Happy Christmas one and all - may you get all the yarn and needles you desire and, critically, plenty of quiet time to knit.

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