Sunday, 19 December 2010

Happy Holidays

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Some time ago - long before 6" of snow in November and December became our reality - we booked ourselves a pre-Christmas break of Christmas markets and fairs in Prague. We thought it would be fun to go somewhere really cold and Christmassy where we could have a break and get into the Christmas spirit with freezing temperatures and snow. Well, ho, ho, ho - how we are laughing at that decision this morning as we pack in freezing cold temperatures with snow on the ground, closed airports and general, total travel disruption. We leave for Bristol today and will attempt to leave Bristol (currently snowy and with forecasts for huge more dumps overnight and tomorrow) tomorrow morning. We could end up holidaying in Costa Bristol Airport but, hey ho, we're going to give it a go.

The shop is left in the capable hands of Marie and Tracey and, all being well, I'll be back on Christmas Eve with photos of snowy Prague and a suitcase full of lovely holiday wool (yes, of course, I've looked up wool shops in Prague and have the computer printouts with full address details in my bag - don't tell the boys). I also have an urgent knitting deadline to fulfil so am thinking - 2 hours in the car, 2+ hours in the airport, 2+ hours on the plane - if the plane is delayed, more knitting time - hoorah.

How do people who don't knit, cope?

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