Thursday, 1 April 2010

Easter Weekend

Knitwits Yarns

It's been pretty manic here in the shop today so everyone's obviously gearing up for bad weather and lots of Easter knitting. If you're coming down to Cornwall then you'll need to know that we're closed on Good Friday and Bank Holiday Monday but open all day Saturday (9-5) and open as usual on Tuesday.

We've got friends coming down so I've managed to wangle a day off on Saturday but you'll be ably looked after by Marie and Tracey. I'll be back in on Tuesday. We look forward to seeing you!

I'm busy typing up the new hottie and tea cosy patterns so here's a sneak preview of the photographs:

They're both knitted in Peruk in shade Sennen, which comes out much calmer than it looks in the skein!

Whilst writing that I realised that I hadn't actually entered the Sennen in Peruk on the system - but I have now! Find it here.

Pattern writing up can be tricky as you have to imagine you've never seen this pattern before in your life and make sure the instructions are as simple as possible. Typing up the main bit is usually straightforward but the shaping can be tricky. Touching wood frantically here, we rarely get complaints so taking the time to get it right obviously pays off. In the other half of my head I'm also planning the next project, of course, so I try to get patterns written up as quickly as possible before I forget exactly what it is I did.

I've now swatched and planned the next hottie so tonight I get to start it - yay!

Boys have now broken up so I haven't actually seen them since last night when I went to bed as, like all true teenagers, they took the chance to watch a late film and weren't up until long, long after I'd left for work this morning. Tomorrow is pay back time as we have friends coming to stay so we have to go through the whole decamping G out of his bedroom, finding clean sheets etc, etc. And, no, for those of you who remember the last time I had to do this - FB hasn't mended the light on the landing outside the linen cupboard so, yes, I'll be wearing my head torch again to find the right sheets.

Have a happy knitterly weekend and don't eat too much chocolate - remember - a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips. Happy Easter!

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