Thursday, 8 April 2010

Knitting and Fishing

Knitwits Yarns

Being closed for Friday and Monday and then having Saturday off myself has really thrown me so I've had two days madly catching up here. Funny how it only takes two days to throw things off kilter.

We had a great Easter weekend but too much food, too much wine (for some), too much chocolate (for others) and too many hot cross buns (for me). We did a great photo shoot on the beach but FB still needs to format the pics so they'll be here next week.

Came back in on Tuesday and I've now caught up on the inputting completely so there's new yarn from Debbie Bliss:

ecobaby is a single twist, organic cotton with organic certification from bioRe (not that I'm neurotic about certification, or anything). Remember I was knitting some fiddly little booties a few weeks ago and messed them up with a migraine? Well, they are in ecobaby and here they are:

They are ridiculously sweet and one pair came out of one ball.

ecobaby is exactly the same tension and yardage as Debbie's incredibly popular Baby Cashmerino so all patterns are totally interchangeable and yarn quantities are identical - perfect if you want to knit a Baby Cash pattern for the summer.

Our needle supplier now has Tunisian Crochet Hooks! I ordered a load but only two sizes came in - which may indicate how popular they (and crochet) are at the moment. I will order more but, for the time being, we have them in 3.25mm and 6mm. I have to confess that I've never really got into crochet - can't seem to get my tension right - guess it's one of those things I'll master when I retire - like spinning - and pilates - and learning to breath properly when swimming front crawl - and ..............

FB was left some money by an aunt who died at the end of last year so on Tuesday he and the boys went to Southampton, amidst much excitement, to collect a new 14ft Dory for fishing. They got to within 3 miles of home and had a puncture on the trailer. Then discovered that the trailer bearings were shot so spent most/all of yesterday repairing all of that (they still haven't confessed how much it all cost). Today the weather is glorious and they are out on the sea. I phoned them this morning to remind them about sun cream and hats but, apparently, they've forgotten both so they'll all be pink tonight and I will tell them off and plaster them with after-sun. I did ask how many fish they'd caught for our supper but, apparently, they hadn't been fishing at that point - just "playing". Nice for some ............... tomorrow FB has to dye some wool urgently and there's the small matter of the GCSE revision.....

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