Tuesday, 20 April 2010


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To my surprise I've recently managed to fit in quite a bit of knitting time so I've just completed my second garment of the year, which may possibly be some kind of record for me. OK, so they were both done on relatively big needles (8mm and 6.5 respectively) but, nonetheless, that's 2 more garments than I used to own. The second one is this pattern (Stylecraft Life Chunky):

knitted in this wool (Volata Tweed from Gedifra):

Had to fiddle the needle size a bit but it came out like this:

The sun is in my eyes and my hair's all over the place but I love the sweater (and the flowers in the background).

Tracey is a fabulously fast knitter so she's also been knitting for me. She's knitted 2 waistcoats in Cornish Organic - one for our agent, Stewart, and one for FB for his birthday. The pattern is this:

but then she went a wee bit mad on the backs. This is Stewart's (modelled by FB):

Here's a close-up:

This is FB's (modelled by FB):

and here is a close-up (you can see the introduction of our space dyed "Sennen" in FB's:

So - there you have another stash-busting idea from the knitters at Knit Wits (or, indeed, a suggestion of what you can do with Cornish Organic Wool!).

I'm now on sock number 2 for my Dad (birthday at the end of May so I'm on target) and a secret project which will be revealed later in the year - watch this space.

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