Saturday, 10 April 2010

Still Catching Up

Knitwits Yarns

The weather is glorious and it's holiday cottage changeover day so the shop has been like the Marie Celeste this afternoon. But - as ever - there's always something to do even when there are no customers. So I've still been busy.

I finally typed up, checked and double checked the patterns for the Tea Cosy and Hot Water Bottle Cover:


and uplaoded them so they're both now available to buy here and on the Cornish Organic site (

I've also added the new Inside Crochet magazine (April/May 2010 Issue 7) to the Knit Wits site and it has this fantastic pattern in it:

knitted in Cornish Organic Wool 4ply, shade St Ives.

The wool for this shawl has been on a bit of a journey as we sent it to the designer in France well over a year ago. Turns out she was heavily pregnant and not able to complete the project so it went off to someone else to be finished. By the time it was then returned to the magazine's office and photographed, everyone had lost the records of what wool it is. About six weeks ago I was approached by a completely different designer who had been commissioned by Inside Crochet to design a hat and gloves in our wool. I contacted the magazine and, basically, said that's all well and good but what happened to the last wool be donated for a design? It was only then that the penny dropped and this fantastic shawl (which had been languishing unidentified on a shelf) was finally identified and finally made it into print. And I think it's beautiful.

I wonder how many other garments we see beautifully posed in magazines have similar stories to tell?!

The weather forecast for tomorrow is fantastic so I've been told that I'm going out on the new boat. I'm planning to take my knitting - do you think they'll mind/notice?

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  1. ooh, if I'd known that I'd have come round yesterday to babble your ears off :-) How about Monday ;-)

    Lovely shawl, and good to see it is finally shared with all the crocheters out there! I love the St Ives colourway. I recently finished a pair of socks with that exact same wool. Nice, warm and fabulous blue.