Saturday, 24 April 2010

Yucky Cold

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Since my last post I seem to have picked up a yucky coldy bunged up nosey kind of bug so I'm not sleeping well but - on the bright side - I have a deeply sexy voice (apparently). I think I got it from Tracey - thanks, Trace. A week ago she was too ill to knit, so you know it must be really bad. I didn't knit last night and the dinner party we were due to go to tonight has been postponed for a week as our hosts returned from holiday 5 days late (due to Icelandic ash) and in their extra few days on their cruise ship in Athens (yes, my heart goes out to them too) they, too, picked up a yucky, coldy throaty "thing". So, I may get some small bit of knitting done tonight before the (herbal) sleeping pill I'm going to take kicks in.

Incidentally, am I the only person who is intensely annoyed by returning holiday makers bemoaning their extra days/weeks' holiday at the holiday companies' expense and expecting us to be sympathetic? FB's cousin is "stuck" in Jamaica in a 5* resort until May 1st and her children are, apparently, going "stir crazy" and are "desperate to come home" (according to her email yesterday). Every time I go on holiday (which isn't that often) I long to be told that there aren't any flights home and, oh deary me, we're going to have to look after you - at our expense - for another 10 days. Needless to say it's never happened but, if it does, I'll be whooping for joy and making the most of it, not whingeing to the TV cameras when I finally get home with my extra 10 days of tan.

Now, I appreciate that there are people who need to get to their destinations and at School we have several children who can't get flights until after their GCSE exams have started - that's a slightly different scenario and I do have sympathy for them but - come on - 10 extra days on a beach - most of us pray for that kind of luck.

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