Friday, 9 April 2010

Gone Fishing!

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Yesterday, as I said, the boys went fishing - when I say "boys" I mean all 3 of them. It looked something like this:

As you can see, G (in the foreground) is looking slightly more anxious than T, who hasn't a care in the world.

Here they have, wisely, put life jackets on. G still looking slightly concerned. Not sure if this was taken before or after the engine conked out - possibly after. It was "persuaded" to work again - thank the Lord. Incidentally, no pics of FB but he is, as predicted, bright red and glowing today.

This is the view that not many people get to see - the back of St Michael's Mount.

I've still got to type up the pattern but here are some of the photos we took on Easter weekend - can you guess what the pattern is going to be? ..............

From the left we have Eloise, Zennor and Trinity wearing their new loopy sheep hats!! Zennor lost the will to live shortly after this picture was taken which may not be surprising since she'd just walked about 2 miles and was then asked to smile with a ridiculous sheep hat on her head.

Trinity, whose idea the sheep hat was in the first place, took it all in her stride:

Here she is with big sis as well:

So - do we think very silly loopy sheep hats are going to be the next massive craze?!!

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