Thursday, 15 April 2010

Classic Shop Moment

Knitwits Yarns

A car has just driven past which reminded me of a classic shop moment about 4 years ago.

Causewayhead - the street we're in - is semi-pedestrianised and vehicles travelling down it should only be here for deliveries. However, inevitably, we get some who use it as a cut through.

On this particular day it was boiling hot so the door was open and you could hear the car coming long before it reached us. It was obviously going to be a young man, or men, as the music system base was on full and the "boom, boom, boom" preceded his passing, which shook the windows.

In the calm and quiet as he disappeared into the distance an elderly grey haired lady, who was looking at patterns, gently said, "I beg he's got a small dick".

Total collapse of everyone in the shop. A classic moment.

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