Saturday, 17 April 2010

Summer Yarns

Knitwits Yarns

Well, the fantastic new summer yarns are coming in thick and fast now and just in time for the glorious weather.

Our Araucania 4ply (Ranco) isn't specifically summery but it is gorgeous and just right for a little top or even a special pair of socks - and it's at a really special price too - just £5.99:

They describe their yarn as being "hand painted" which is a process I'd love to see - guess I'd better save up for a trip to Chile then!

Our new yarns from Katia are truly summery, gorgeous and - being Katia - fantastic colourways. First is Tobago - which is an Aran weight pure cotton:

Then we have their DK pure cotton, Degrade (which should have an accent over the last "e" and be pronounced accordingly with an "eh" on the end) which gently fades up and down its colourways:

And, finally, Katia have produced a yarn made from pure paper!! Yes, it's absolutely true and it's machine washable but they've only produced bag patterns so far so you can knit or crochet yourself a Paper bag! (Yes, I've been chortling over that one for at least the last 24 hours):

I sort of have a wrap or shawl pattern in mind for this yarn but am not sure whether it'll work or not - guess the only way to find out is to give it a go ........ then I could have a paper wrap(per) ............!

We also have more stock of the very popular cotton Samba and the "knitting in" yarn Paillettes.

Yesterday FB and T went up to Torquay for a rugby tournament (in blistering sunshing which always seems like an odd combination) so G and I are home alone. Tonight I have some of the girls coming over for the evening - Susie is bringing home made chocolate chip cookies and Clare's bringing home made white chocolate cheesecake so you can see how the evening's going to pan out .............

Tomorrow I drive to Torquay to bring the boys home so T can be at school at 7.30am on Monday for 2 days Ten Tors training plus night under canvas - so he'll be knackered for the start of term on Wednesday - deep joy.

I am willing to bet quite a lot of wool that FB is burnt again and will peel again.

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  1. Isn't hand painted when the yarn is laid out as a hank, and then the dyes are squirted (painted) onto it? I may be completely wrong here. And I have no idea of how it differs from space dyed, or if it is just a different name.

    Did you save me some of those chocolate goodies there? The white choc cheesecake sounds YUMMY!