Monday, 26 April 2010

Katia Patterns

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I've spent the afternoon updating things and inserting new things so - here goes:

Two new colours in King Cole Splash: Fireburst

and Charcoal:

All being well and barring disasters, Splash patterns will be here tomorrow - there are lots of them and they're really good - from babies to adults - the whole range.

Two new colours in King Cole Bamboo Cotton: Cobalt:

which, I think, is a really useful summer blue and black:

and I know this is a summer yarn but I also know how many of you like to knit black summer cardies or tops.

There are also two new colours in 4ply Ziz Zag, which is not only good for socks but is also good for garments too:


So the rest of the day I've spent inputting Katia patterns for the new summer yarns, Degrade, Paper and Tobago. Degrade patterns are - here, and I love this one:

not sure if I've got the confidence to wear it but I do love it!

Paper pattern are here - so you can now crochet lots of paper bags - yes, I'm still chortling over that one (it doesn't take much to keep me amused):

and last, but absolutely not least, is Tobago: which has pattern for tops, bags, jacket and all:

Phew - hopefully there's enough to whet your appetites there!

I had a jolly afternoon yesterday dealing with a bunch of crabs - by now you'll know how my life goes but I don't often get to type that in a sentence. FB is very keen to get some crab/lobster pots so he went out with a friend on Saturday afternoon to learn the ropes and tricks of the trade. He came home with these chaps (and yes, we know they're chaps because the ladies get thrown back):

The chickens were mighty curious but, wisely, didn't get too close:

After a while in boiling water they looked like this:

note fairly dramatic change in colour. Then I got to work:

(Please note that tiny piece of pretty fairisle you can see on the far left is not a hand knit) and, finally, they looked like this:

With home-made mayonnaise and a bit of crusty bread and salad I have to say they were blinking delicious.

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