Monday, 1 March 2010

Ta Da!

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Ta Da!! -

and the back:

I didn't take part in an Olympic knitting challenge this year but I could have done. Finished last night just before the ice hockey final. (I know nothing about ice hockey but it was really exciting!). 7 years on the needles (give or take), a 5 (nearly 6) year break in the middle and it's finally done and I'm wearing it today. In answer to yesterday's comment - Cornish Organic isn't as itchy as pure wool 5ply - think I'll wear a polo neck under it next time!

We fiddled and diddled in the shop yesterday working out new display boards and putting things on the walls (tricky to do with customers coming and going). You forget how it was before so here to remind you - before:

and after:

and, with the blind down:

The observant amongst you will spot the Cornish flag made out of balls of wool (Cornish Organic, obviously) in the window. It's St Piran's day this week (patron saint of Cornwall) so there's a parade on Friday with all the school children and all the shops in Causewayhead have black and white (St Piran's colours) and black and gold (Cornish colours) in their windows. All the wool in our window is Cornish, obviously.

Speaking of Cornish and Cornwall, G ran for Cornwall on Saturday! It was a lovely day but the course was really muddy. He came 18th out of about 55, which was fantastic, in a race which included competitors from Devon, Dorset, Somerset, Avon, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire. He was also the 1st boy in Cornwall (by quite a margin - the next Cornwall runner came in 41st). We were/are very proud and, as he doesn't go to any of the Cornish Athletics clubs, I think the Cornwall coaches wondered where he'd popped up from! Here he is, mid run, in his black and gold strip:

This is the "before" photo - G on the right!:


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  1. Hey what a wonderful gansey!

    The shop looks good, with the new front. And big big congratulations to G, he's done really well. I can only dream of running half that well. He should run for a local club and take a few prizes home- usually it's wine and if he's not yet of drinking age it's good news for you :-)

    I am currently knitting some socks with Cornish Organice (St Ives), I luuurve the stuff. I've still got some 5ply for a gansey, but a jumper in CO or WB would be wonderful too. *dreams of rolling in wool*