Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Site Updates

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It's been as quiet as the grave in here today, which is unusual but - every cloud has a silver lining - has given me time to update the site. (As you can tell, FB has now got his new computer up and running)

Firstly, I updated Stylecraft Life DK and 4ply. 4 new colours in each - very summery and zingy - in fact, one is actually called Zing.

From left to right the new colours are: clover, melon, zing and aqua - sure to brighten up any summer wardrobe and there's a new pattern in each colour. Examples here:

This one is DK in Clover,

and this one is 4ply in Zing.

I also added two new, really popular colours, in Tivoli Blizzard. These two came but the equally popular brown and lime green combo and blue/brown combi didn't come as they were out of stock. I think the success of this yarn (partly due to its incredible softness and, obviously, colours) has taken Tivoli by surprise! Popular purple looks like this:

and ravishing red is here:

Finally, I uploaded a new yarn for us, Splash from King Cole. We're stocking more and more of King Cole's yarns and they're really popular and you get the added bonus that nearly every pattern has two designs on it so you get 2 for the price of 1. Splash is a self patterning DK acrylic in a fantastic range of colours. For some reason the patterns didn't come but they are on their way and, in any event, you could use any DK pattern as it's a standard weight. Here's a photo of all the colours to whet your appetite:

The only problem is which one to knit first!

Trundling along merrily last night knitting the hot water bottle cover and went to check the length and, yes, I'd gone way, way too far. Tonight's job is to tink back 11 rows (with cable) - what an idiot - too busy watching telly and not concentrating. Sample swatch looks like this:

That's space dyed Peruk not yet available but will be soon - as soon as FB get the pics done. It's strange how it looks really bright in the skein but much more muted when knitted - pretty though, I'm sure you'll agree. You can get this colourway in both Cornish Organic Wool DK and Wool Britannia, should you not be able to wait for the Peruk. AND the really good news is that the Cornish Organic 4ply has been delivered to us and my kitchen is festooned with drying skeins - red, green, navy and rose were the colours of choice this morning. FB is currently labelling it all up and then it'll be here on the site, and on the COW site as well.

Tonight we have a parents' evening for T - oh dear.

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