Thursday, 4 March 2010


Knitwits Yarns

So, yes, as I was saying - we had a huge delivery in from Stylecraft on Tuesday and everything on the site is now updated and complete. When I say "huge", I mean 9 sacks and it feels like it's taken us 2 days to sort it all. We have to check the quantites in the bags equal the quantities on the delivery note/invoice (they didn't). We then have to check that if we still have one or two balls of a certain colour it's the same dye batch or not (some was, some wasn't). We then have to check the pre-orders and the on-online orders and put them to one side and then, finally, we double check the quantities going into stock and then update the entire on-line stock levels. Regreattably we also had to change some prices as our wonderful government (you can make the "wonderful" there sound really sarcastic if you so please) decided to reduce VAT last year (which most shops ignored) and then put it back up this year (which we have to take into account). Sometimes I thank the Lord I'm not Tesco - imagine putting all your prices up by 2.5% at midnight on New Year's Eve - hmmm, could think of better things to be doing at that particular moment. Finally, of course, we have to go back to the supplier and put all the mistakes right. Fortunately, Stylecraft are really good at that bit - some others (who shall remain nameless) aren't.

So - we had loads of "Life" - 4ply, DK, Aran and Chunky. "Life" is a really good, standard yarn - 25% wool and at a really good price - £2.53 for 100g and we sell loads of it.

We also had more 400g balls of Aran, which are selling really well at the moment - obviously lots of people challenging themselves with complicated cables.

We also had more Pure Luxury Merino, which is a lovely Merino yarn and is, I think, what I'm going to knit G's school sweater in. Also, stock of Brushstrokes, and Signature, which I'm hankering to knit something with when I have a spare few hours.

So, what are you knitting, Julia, I hear you cry - now that you've finished the long overdue Gansey.

Well, in the shop in my few spare minutes I'm knitting socks for my Dad's birthday out of Zig Zag. Fortunately he's not on the net so I'm not ruining any surprise by saying that. Also his birthday is at the end of May so, for once, I've given myself plenty of time - almost to the heel of the first sock.

At home I'm running up very quick, small, fiddly baby shoes from the new Debbie Bliss Eco Cotton so they're done by the time the yarn is in stock (the rep gave me a ball - nice chap). For such small things they're taking an amazing amount of knitting - is it me?

Then I'm going to resist the urge to hit the stash and knit a stash busting jacket and I'm going to be good and design a hot water bottle cover in Cornish Organic's Peruk. FB has space dyed a batch for me (currently drying in from of the Aga - cats delighted at such a beautiful play thing) so the design is in my head, needs to be charted out, swatched and then started. If I'm lucky that'll be a happy Sunday afternoon. You may ask why I'm doing that in March just as the weather is starting to improve and it's because, like Dad's Socks, I'm giving myself time. We may well offer the design to a magazine and they work months ahead so I'm thinking late summer/autumn already - see - getting organised and thinking ahead!

The "getting organised" me for 2010 is still on track and it's already month three!

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