Saturday, 13 March 2010

Computers Part II

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Yesterday the office at home was festooned with boxes and bits of computers and wires and the language was, frankly, indescribable and unrepeatable. New computers - just plug them in and off you go - he de ha ha ha - is all I can say.

Turns out the printer isn't compatible with Windows 7, the old emails are stored in separate files from the new ones, the old documents are stored in a strange (expensive) metal box and Word was hidden from view until you'd used it once when it then popped up onto the main screen. Ooh, FB had fun.

As at today, we are almost done. The house is now wireless so the boys' computers are now online (this may turn out to be a bad idea, who knows) and they are banned from ours completely and for ever. The printer is working (full marks to FB) and the emails are restored to a format which is vaguely recognisable. If anyone has emailed Cornish Organic in the past few days and hasn't had a reply, we apologise and will be replying on Monday morning.

When the situation got really bad yesterday I had to retire to the sitting room and knit some hot water bottle cover. It's 2/3rds done and I really like it. There are photos but FB has to format them and that involves uploading photoshop - I'll leave the rest to your imagination ....................

In other news - the boys got back from rugby tour at 11.45pm last night and - amazingly - they won the tournament! So - well done! - to the The Bolitho Rugby 7's squad - for such a small school it's a fantastic result.

This morning, T - having played 6 or 7 games or rugby yesterday - went on a 15 mile walk from Porthleven back to Penzance for Ten Tors training. Tomorrow morning he's off to 8.30am to play rugby at St Austell - oh, to be 15 again!

In knitting news - this is, after all, supposed to be a wool shop blog - we've had a delivery from Debbie Bliss. I know - no deliveries for weeks and then they all come at once (which means the invoices all fall due at the same time as well, of course). We've got the new Eco Baby in so we'll get it on the site asap, even though only 6 colours came of the 9 I ordered - v irritating. Updated stock levels in Baby Cashmerino, Rialto 4ply and lots of books. (Books shown down the left hand side of this page.)

Tomorrow is, of course, Mothering Sunday so I hope all mothers have a quiet, relaxed, spoilt day doing whatever you want - and knitting. I plan to knit in bed (no chance of breakfast in bed as FB & T have to be at the rugby club at 8.30) and then knit a bit more and cook dinner for everyone and the M-in-L. As FB does most of the cooking, this seems only fair and I may even treat everyone to one of my famous bread and butter puddings (served with Cornish clotted cream, of course). Happy Mothers' Day!

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