Thursday, 11 March 2010

Deliveries and Computers

Knitwits Yarns

Well the home computer has now died and has been sent to the computer graveyard in India or China or Africa or wherever they end up these days where poor unfortunate children (and adults) scratch a living from the detritus of the affluent West's waste - that's the end of my political/ethical rant for the day, promise.

So, FB has been computerless for nearly a week and the new one has now arrived and his blood pressure is now at an all time high trying to re-load all the programmes we used to have and make the damned thing work. Funny how the computer shops (and adverts) all swear that all you have to do is plug them in and follow the instructions - ha, ha, ha!! So - as a result, still no photographs but, by jove, when the computer's up and running you'll all know about it as I have a raft of new stuff to show you so you'll be all photo'd out.

In the meantime, more deliveries. More Stylecraft and, specifically, Kon Tiki - 50% cotton, 50% acrylic and really, really popular and, tragically, now in its last season I've heard so grab some now before it's all gone. We'll try and keep the stock levels of this lovely yarn up so you can get some in before it disappears. I can never understand why really popular yarns go but I do know that some are popular in some geographical areas and some just aren't. For example, Sirdar Escape has been phenomenally popular, apparently, but we just can't shift it here. Sirdar's Juniper was really popular here but didn't sell elsewhere apparently so was discontinued. C'est la vie.

We also had a delivery from King Cole so updated stocks of Inspire, Mirage, Dreams and Aero. Incidentally, there's a really lovely jacket pattern in this week's People's Friend magazine knitted in Dreams. Tracey says it's really "me" and I may, sometime, knit it! Check it out.

Today (3pm) we had a delivery from James Brett so we're now really topped up in Marble Chunky, Marble DK, and the really popular blues in Rustic. Marble Chunky is one of the most popular yarns we sell and one that many visiting customers say they've never seen before. If you haven't knitted with it yet then you really should try it - everyone (and I mean everyone) loves it and we have several customers who have knitted practically every colour.

Tonight FB and I are childless as the boys are away on rugby tour! FB came down to the shop with a Thermos of chilled G&T, which I am currently consuming and then we're off to our local favourite restaurant for early tapas. The Alverne is owned by friends of ours and is always excellent (even just for a morning coffee) and is always full of locals (which is always a really good sign). Two meals out in one week is pushing it for us but, when the boys are away, we must play - and no school run tomorrow morning so we can have a mini lie-in. Bliss.

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